Cyber Security Is Self Defense

Online SecurityLike I mentioned this website is all about security and safety. Many people do not think or see being safe online as part of our security but I don’t share that opinion.

Although an unsafe use of the internet can not physically hurt us it can cause a lot of problems. I just thought about it but it can hurt us physically. A Facebook post of you being out of town this weekend can be read by a burglar and he might decide to pay your house a visit.
If you decide to stay home he could run into you and this could cause a physical contact and hurt you. This all is about the subject of cyber security

Unsafe use on the internet

One of the thing I think is the most unsafe use of the internet is our use of social media. There are not a lot of people who do not use any type of social media and we all know that at this moment Facebook is the undisputed number one.

I am not a big user of Facebook and sometimes do not use it for weeks but many people are on it every day and do not even log out after doing an update of their status or looking at their friends updates. Although staying logged in is not a big security issues it is still advisable to log out after using Facebook on your phone.

Surprisingly Use Of Facebook Status Updates

What always puzzles me is that people share so much information and do not realize that it is visible to anyone with access to the internet and having Facebook installed on their home computer or smart phone. I have seen updates people announcing that they are going away for a long weekend. going out for dinner, or anything else that let’s the world now that they are not going to be home for a period of time. This is the kind of information every burglar dreams about. The perfect opportunity! You know people are gone and you know how long they are staying away.

What To Do About It

in this just small example I hope I showed you that security is not just purchasing some type of self defense weapon you can use in many situations it is also about thinking outside the box.

If you go away for a short or longer vacation do not share it on Facebook but tell your closest friends or people who need to know this personal. After your come home you can share all pictures and other nice thing you have done on that vacation on your Facebook and let people know about it.,

The same is when you go out for dinner with your family. Do not share a picture while you are out for dinner. Share it when you are home again and let the world know that you had a great time.

Use Of Debit and Credit Cards

There are many news items about credit card hacks and criminals scanning your card while you use it at the cash register. This is a good reason to have a look at your credit card use. Do you have it sitting in you wallet unsecured? This is a possible way it can be scanned I read. Put a small piece of aluminum foil around it and this will prevent this. Updating to one of the newer cards with the built in chip is also mentioned as being safer since you do not have to slide it but insert in the machine and data seem not to be able to be read that way.

Using your credit card online can be a very dangerous thing. Dozens of sites have been hacked in the past and millions of peoples information was compromised that way.

One important tip is only to buy from stores that not only look legitimate but there are certain things you can look for

  1. Look if the the site is HTTPS.
    This is in most cases visible with showing a small green padlock in the corner and this means that the website uses a form encryption for safety

  2. Look for a physical address.
    A real business has a physical address if they are not willing to show that I would stay away from it.

  3. Use a PayPal account to pay.
    PayPal is well known for protecting the buyers and in case of a dispute you get you money back right away and the seller have to proof it was not his fault.

  4. Use you common sense.
    If it does not look right it probably isn’t

  5. Keep an eye on your credit card account
  6. By going online and comparing you receipt with the information in your account you can react very fast if something is wrong

I hope that with these simple tips and ideas you can improve your online security and realize that cyber security is a real concern and can happen to you just as easy as to anyone else.


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