Seniors and Privacy

I finally made it be called senior citizen and now it is time to write about the privacy pitfalls you can run into when getting older.

senior and online privacy

Even those who are getting a little older spend more and more time on the internet. It does not matter if it is Facebook to stay in touch with family and children and family or just keep up with your daily news on a laptop or smartphone.

I wrote that cybersecurity needs self-defense here and I believe that it is becoming more important every day to defend ourselves online.

Recently I read a post on preventing identity theft for seniors on a website that was specially built for senior citizens.

I know the owner of it and I also know that he knows what he is talking about.

A few of the tips I would like to repeat here for my readers and see if I can help someone. Especially with the Holiday season around the corner, we have to keep our guard when it comes to protecting our privacy.

One tip I can only try to emphasize as much as possible is to be careful with every card you use. In a store or online.

There are many new items about criminals who can scan the information on your debit or credit card at the moment you use it in a store.

Best is to look around and see if something suspicious is going on around you and keep your hand on the keypad when you type in your pin-code.

For online purchases, you have to pay attention to what website you are on.

You have to see if it starts with HTTPS and make sure that S is at the end. This means that the site has, what is called an SSL certificate and that ensures a safety transcript for your information.

One other thing to look for is information on the website that contains an address and phone number. An email address or contact form is not the best sign and easy to fake.

Basically you know what websites are the ones you can trust by looking at these signs of trust and ways to contact them.

If these two things are not visible you might have to find another website to find the product you like to order.

At this time of the year it is also very important to keep a close eye on your bank statement and to be honest I think it is a good idea to sign up for online banking to check your activity.

This will also make it easy to keep an eye on your spending and if you stay within your budget.

Many credit card companies now a day have an option to be notified in case of a suspicious transaction on your account.

Since we have our phone available about 24/67 I think it is a good idea to sign up for a service like that.

I hope these tips, and the ones I wrote here, will help you to keep your identity and bank information safe and prevent a negative experience that can ruin your shopping experience.


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